Soju HauS
korean distilled spirits



Soju, this is the most popular liquor in Korea and it represents Korean liquor. The motive for opening Soju Haus is to impact others in the way that Soju, Korean liquor has helped everyone. In food culture, liquor and food are always having a connection.

Because Korean food is not excellent with wine or whiskey, Soju Haus serves real Korean food which works well with Soju and any traditional Korean liquor. Soju Haus would like to spread Korean culture in New York City which is by far the most influential trendsetter in the food/culture industry.

An existing problem of the Korean food industry in New York City has been to only introduce to others the concept of Korean food and not the real Korean experience of food and culture. Our establishment aims for hospitality which can share food and culture with others. This is what makes Soju Haus different from other Korean restaurants in New York City.

Soju Haus offers simple, well-known ingredients, generous servings, and comfort that can give good company with others while enjoying great food and liquor. This is a business that expresses its fine composite art that extenuates Korean dining and its rich food culture.