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What is your Favorite Flavored Soju?

Let me guess: Grapefruit Soju? Perhaps it is blueberry. Maybe I have not guessed right yet, but I know that your favorite flavored drink must be something special and amazing. [...]

[Event] Soju Haus VIP Gift Card Giveaway!

This October, you are cordially invited to WIN, to enjoy, and to invite others! Soju Haus is ready to give away its hottest raffle on Instagram. Soju Haus, where Korean [...]

Chuseok at K-town

Accidentally found this place while I was looking to take a close friend of mine out for the Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving day, not only because she wanted me to experience [...]

Proudly Introducing the Daily Korean Pancake Special!

Soju Haus, a Korean restaurant located in Korea Town that combines tradition and new trends, introduces the Daily Korean Pancake Special. The Daily Pancake Special is a unique event that [...]

Makgeolli Party in New York

(This column was written by a Korean liquor expert who visited New York. I edited the original text to fit the blog.) One day I met Terry, a young designer [...]

Why is there no sign for Soju Haus

(For a better reading experience, we translated this article written by a Korean liquor expert after visiting Soju Haus. This article was published on May 29, 2019 in Oh My [...]

2019 Korean Rice Wine Brewing Event held at SOJU HAUS

Local New Yorkers who appreciate wine participate in “Korean Rice Wine Brewing Event”, increasing awareness of Korean food. (For a better reading experience, we translated and edited the original article [...]

When Life Gives You Lemon

Make a Lemon Soju then. That’s because it is the quintessential of how a cocktail should be. Every glass of this Lemon Soju makes you feel like befriending life. That’s [...]

Gunbae with the Moon

Premium Tokki Soju is the only spirit that can make you feel you are not alone. This traditionally-crafted rice soju is warranted to have only the best ingredients. Every premium [...]

How Can Makgeolli Reveal Your Personality?

You are a resurgent. You are one of the millions who give life again to what was once enjoyed by the elderly people and farmers centuries ago. So don’t be [...]
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