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Gunbae with the Moon

Premium Tokki Soju is the only spirit that can make you feel you are not alone. This traditionally-crafted rice soju is warranted to have only the best ingredients. Every premium [...]

How Can Makgeolli Reveal Your Personality?

You are a resurgent. You are one of the millions who give life again to what was once enjoyed by the elderly people and farmers centuries ago. So don’t be [...]

Grab With Pride and Fire in You

Premium Hwayo Soju is a high-quality well-made spirit ready to fire your taste buds. This premium Korean liquor is available in Hwayo 17 and Hwayo 25.   The alcohol volume [...]

One Crunching Bottle, please?

You are not drunk yet. I assure you.   It is time to awaken your other senses. Every bottle of Cucumber Soju has its own crunching sound, refreshing look, and [...]

The HAUS that is a Home

There is truth in wine. Perhaps for a wine, alcohol, beverage lover like you, this phrase sounds familiar. Well, there is a new, neutral, sweeter way of interpreting that phrase: [...]

Gather your friend and reserve your table

Looking to try something new for dinner? Or maybe you're looking for a hotspot to grab some drinks with friends! Either way, Soju Haus is perfect for any occasion. Our [...]

Unique Culture, Quality Food

Make tonight a night to remember with Soju Haus. Our seasonal special, Korean chicken stew is a Korean delicacy that is sure to win you over! Gather your friends and [...]

Join the celebration

Have a reason to celebrate? Do it right with Soju Haus. Our weekday menu is perfect for any celebration, large or small! Choose a gourmet item from our impressive menu [...]

Korean Distilled Spirits

Our drink menu stands out from all the rest! Our unique Soju cocktails made with Korean distilled spirits come in many different flavors and will have you coming back for [...]

Soju Haus, Korean Cuisine

Looking for a new hot spot in New York? Soju Haus is here. We offer high-quality Korean cuisine as well as unique cocktails made with Soju, a sweet distilled liquor. [...]
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