Gunbae with the Moon

Premium Tokki Soju is the only spirit that can make you feel you are not alone. This traditionally-crafted rice soju is warranted to have only the best ingredients. Every premium [...]

How Can Makgeolli Reveal Your Personality?

You are a resurgent. You are one of the millions who give life again to what was once enjoyed by the elderly people and farmers centuries ago. So don’t be [...]

Grab With Pride and Fire in You

Premium Hwayo Soju is a high-quality well-made spirit ready to fire your taste buds. This premium Korean liquor is available in Hwayo 17 and Hwayo 25.   The alcohol volume [...]

One Crunching Bottle, please?

You are not drunk yet. I assure you.   It is time to awaken your other senses. Every bottle of Cucumber Soju has its own crunching sound, refreshing look, and [...]

The HAUS that is a Home

There is truth in wine. Perhaps for a wine, alcohol, beverage lover like you, this phrase sounds familiar. Well, there is a new, neutral, sweeter way of interpreting that phrase: [...]

Gather your friend and reserve your table

Looking to try something new for dinner? Or maybe you're looking for a hotspot to grab some drinks with friends! Either way, Soju Haus is perfect for any occasion. Our [...]

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