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Soju Haus is featuring on Eat With Me Blog!

I am so exicting to see Soju Haus at famous food blog "eat with me" Please come and check this article!

Why Soju and K-food are perfect for the holiday season

If you’ve ever watched a Korean film or drama, there’s always that scene—a family or a group of friends gathering together on a table while drinking soju and feasting on [...]

Chuseok at K-town

Accidentally found this place while I was looking to take a close friend of mine out for the Chuseok, Korean Thanksgiving day, not only because she wanted me to experience [...]

Proudly Introducing the Daily Korean Pancake Special!

Soju Haus, a Korean restaurant located in Korea Town that combines tradition and new trends, introduces the Daily Korean Pancake Special. The Daily Pancake Special is a unique event that [...]

Makgeolli Party in New York

(This column was written by a Korean liquor expert who visited New York. I edited the original text to fit the blog.) One day I met Terry, a young designer [...]

Why is there no sign for Soju Haus

(For a better reading experience, we translated this article written by a Korean liquor expert after visiting Soju Haus. This article was published on May 29, 2019 in Oh My [...]

2019 Korean Rice Wine Brewing Event held at SOJU HAUS

Local New Yorkers who appreciate wine participate in “Korean Rice Wine Brewing Event”, increasing awareness of Korean food. (For a better reading experience, we translated and edited the original article [...]

When Life Gives You Lemon

Make a Lemon Soju then. That’s because it is the quintessential of how a cocktail should be. Every glass of this Lemon Soju makes you feel like befriending life. That’s [...]

Gunbae with the Moon

Premium Tokki Soju is the only spirit that can make you feel you are not alone. This traditionally-crafted rice soju is warranted to have only the best ingredients. Every premium [...]

How Can Makgeolli Reveal Your Personality?

You are a resurgent. You are one of the millions who give life again to what was once enjoyed by the elderly people and farmers centuries ago. So don’t be [...]
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