Proudly Introducing the Daily Korean Pancake Special!

Soju Haus, a Korean restaurant located in Korea Town that combines tradition and new trends, introduces the Daily Korean Pancake Special. The Daily Pancake Special is a unique event that Soju Haus has been preparing for a long time and offers a different kind of Korean Pancake or “Jeon” every day.


Jeon refers broadly to fish, meat, or vegetables that are sliced and coated with batter or an egg wash before pan-frying them, usually an appetizer or side dish.  Jeon is an integral dish in a typical, fine Korean restaurant and is a traditional Korean food that is loved by households and throughout generations. Now, the number of foreigners adventuring into Korean cuisine has increased so much that kimchi and seafood pancakes are becoming a familiar dish for Korean food enthusiasts.

Jeon is also a representative of Korean street food. A country with bountiful street food and delicious tastes, the food culture in Korea is really interesting and always have something for everyone. All of Asia’s and South America’s cities boast about their street food. The street market is always full of locals and foreigners who try the street food. Famous chefs from the U.S. and Europe look towards these markets and bring attention to the world’s street food in a variety of TV shows. The Netflix series “Street Food”, which recently started streaming, is one of such shows. Some of episodes, Bangkok, Osaka, Delhi and Taiwan are fun to watch and Seoul is one episode that cannot be missed.

Kwangjang Market, Seoul’s largest outdoor market, consists of shops selling along an entire block. Here, there is so many versions of jeons being sold that it is famously called “pancake alley”. Just walking down this ally you would smell the heavenly aroma of fried, savory jeon that allures people in to try a bite. To some people, Korea is too far to go and try authentic Jeon; and are satisfied to just watch YouTube videos of the crispy, flavorful jeon. Thankfully you no longer have to drool watching videos of people eating yummy jeon nor travel all the way to Korea.


This is because you can taste traditional jeon every day at Soju Haus.

<Korean Pancake of the Day Schedule>

Monday: Zucchini Pancake

(zucchini, dried shrimp, pepper)

Tuesday: Mung Bean Pancake

(mung bean, pork, kimchi, onion)

Wednesday: Oyster Pancake

(oyster, pepper, green onion)

Thursday: Sesame Leaf Pancake

(sesame leaf, pork, tofu, onion)

Friday: Tofu Pancake

(tofu, arugula, red pepper)

Saturday: White Fish Pancake

(white fish, arugula, red pepper)

Sunday: Beef Pancake


Doesn’t the menu and photos look really tasty? Wondering what it tastes like? Come and find out for yourself!


Follow the Soju Haus blog for the latest discussion about the daily pancake special. There will be lively and entertaining reviews from people who have enjoyed the various jeon here at Soju Haus.

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