Grab With Pride and Fire in You

Premium Hwayo Soju is a high-quality well-made spirit ready to fire your taste buds.

This premium Korean liquor is available in Hwayo 17 and Hwayo 25.


The alcohol volume in Hwayo  375 ml is just 17%. While in Hwayo 750 ml is 25%. Both have superior quality, clean taste, very smooth, and it is worth a shot. You can buy it in Soju Haus at 315 5th Ave, FL 2, New York, NY 10016.

If you are in the mood for a fruit-flavored and oak-scented premium drink, then go for soft, and neat flavor Hwayo 17.


While if you want to taste and embody every DNA of Korean culture, then Hwayo 25 will be your pure company ready to spice up your evening. That distinctive warmth feeling will be unforgettable.


The percentage may be different, but both come in neat glass, distinct flavor, fruity notes, and great party drinks.

Expect only to experience an unparalleled taste. Every premium bottle of this Korea’s National drink is using only the finest ingredients available: Pure water from 150m underground, 100% Korean domestic rice, no artificial food additives, and pure cultured microbe.


Not only Hwayo distilled liquor is known for its elegant bottle design, but this noble Korean liquor undergoes sophisticated production processes: Reduced Pressure Distillation Method and Ongi Aging Method. This is how this premium spirit gives you that crisp yet pure taste, and to ensure that every soju lover will only get the best out of it.

These are the reasons why the quality in every bottle of this premium Hwayo Soju is equal to ultra-premium vodka.


Let Soju Haus’ Premium Hwayo embrace the distinct and bold personality in you.


HWAYO 화요 375ml (32.95)

HWAYO 화요 750ml (59.95)


Soju Haus is open for you every Sat-Tue 5 pm – 2 am, Wednesday 5 pm – 3 am,

Thur-Fri 5pm – 4am.

You can call it at (212) 213-2177

Hwayo is approved by the world.

It’s time for your approval, so buy it with pride and fire in you.

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