Gunbae with the Moon

Premium Tokki Soju is the only spirit that can make you feel you are not alone.

This traditionally-crafted rice soju is warranted to have only the best ingredients.

Every premium bottle contains sushi-grade, American sticky rice, Nuruk (누룩), a traditional Korean fermentation starter, and reverse-osmosis filtered water to ascertain that every cheer is meant to make you feel you are not alone. You may taste some grappa-like flavor, and cherry and plum notes, but rest assured that it is still Tokki Soju you are enjoying.

Be confident that every bottle, every glass, and every sip you take has no artificial flavors or chemicals on it. Brandon Hill is the man who made this spirit come to life. This is how an American forged a friendship by befriending Korean tradition.

If you like to admire moon, too, and you think you deserve to drink with people you dearly love, then Soju Haus’ premium Tokki Soju is the best companion you can ask for.

Time to indulge with this high-quality, clean spirit in 375ml, at Soju Haus located at 315 5th Ave, FL 2, New York, NY 10016. Tokki Soju is available in 375ml at $42.95. Call now at T.212-213-2177.

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Tokki is a Korean word for rabbit.

The preparation, distillation process, labor of love, and every step for this soju-making process should be enough for you and your friends to say: Gunbae with the moon!

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