How Can Makgeolli Reveal Your Personality?

You are a resurgent.

You are one of the millions who give life again to what was once enjoyed by the elderly people and farmers centuries ago. So don’t be ashamed if you also listen to vinyl, if you enjoy calligraphy, and if you prefer handwritten love letters. They are not for old-fashioned people. They are for people who appreciate the beauty of the past like the almost forgotten history of Makgeolli. But because you are one of those who revive its popularity, and you favor something that stands the test of time, then you can count yourself in as a resurgent. If time is factor that makes wine an A-lister, then this “farmer’s alcohol” is a sure winner. Indeed, this oldest beverage in Korea has its own credence from the start.

Let its spirit keep going!

You are a free-spirited person.

You believe that choice matters. Hence, instead of just drinking Makgeolli only, you pair it with your favorite fried chicken.

You won’t go wrong with this unfiltered rice alcohol. Kimchi or Korean BBQ will once and for all prove that you can go with the flow.

You also try to experiment other flavors, and you like it be served mixed or unmixed.

Now you know that every sip of it reminds you that your choice matters.

Should you be drinking Makgeolli?

Only free spirits dare say: Drink. Be merry!

You are a believer.

This creamy and semi-sweet alcohol serves as your key to a beautiful companionship. Whether you are with your pals, classmates, or colleagues, Makgeolli can redefine your bonding moments.

Let its complex flavor profile refresh and simplify your affection towards one another.

Despite the difficulty you might be experiencing in your studies, work, and in personal life, you believe that life is best shared with every bowl or bottle of this thick, smooth and milky alcoholic drink. Forget that most expensive wine. Makgeolli is not only one of Korea’s most popular drink, but it is also considered as a healthy form of alcohol. It’s not what you just believe in, it’s what really in this drink that you need to know. It only contains six to nine percent alcohol. It contains millions of live cultures. It is found to have squalene and farnesol. This beverage has milky-white appearance, but let this not blur your vision because it contains high in fiber, vitamins B and C, and it’s low in cholesterol. One order of Makgeolli can reveal three distinct personalities:

A resurgent.

A free-spirited.

A believer.

Which one are you?

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