[Event] Soju Haus VIP Gift Card Giveaway!

This October, you are cordially invited to WIN, to enjoy, and to invite others!

Soju Haus is ready to give away its hottest raffle on Instagram. Soju Haus, where Korean distilled spirit thrives, is not just here for you when you want to de-stress, relax, and serve you your comfort food. We exist not just to see you how you love our soju and cocktails. To show our token of appreciation, we also want to offer you something that will make you smile and feel more appreciated. We want to level up your card, and excite your senses, too!

Just two simple steps, and you can be among the ten lucky winners!

All it takes is to (1) visit us during the month of October and (2) give us your answer to our four-question survey! Now you have a chance to win VIP Gift Card, it’s THAT simple!

Your Instagram account is not just for posting, following others, or liking someone else’s posts. This time, however, your participation to our short survey will give you lots of gifts you deserve. That what makes having an Instagram a cool thing.

So don’t hesitate to show some love, fill-out our form, and few days from now you could see your name on our Instagram post. We wholeheartedly appreciate you for patronizing us, for following us @sojuhaus, and for loving our foods and drinks. You can also invite your fellow Soju Haus patrons and friends, and let them be among the lucky winners as well.

At the end of this month, you will be thanking us for this very special giveaway we prepare just for you! Still don’t know how to be a lucky one? Just contact any of our staff members for more details!

Be the member of our VIPs👑

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