One Crunching Bottle, please?

You are not drunk yet. I assure you.


It is time to awaken your other senses. Every bottle of Cucumber Soju has its own crunching sound, refreshing look, and satisfying taste.

Wanna bet?

Then, it is about time to invite your fellow soju-indulgers for this delicious variety of soju at Soju Haus located at 315 5th Ave, FL 2, New York, NY 10016


If you are ready for one bottle of appetizing Cucumber Soju, then you come in the right place: Soju Haus!


No need to experiment and think of doing your own concoction. Soju Haus has its own perfect soju cocktail for you. Soju Haus’ Cucumber Soju (Jinro Soju, Fresh Cucumber, Dried Red Pepper, Tonic Water) is enough to keep hearing those clashing sounds of happiness.



That’s the word.

One chilled Cucumber Soju is definitely suited to everyone’s taste. It’s the pleasure you get in every taste that says it all. That’s how you enjoy this cocktail at Soju Haus.


While munching every piece of cucumber, relish the superb taste and quality of Jinro Soju. It’s not the most popular brand in the world for no reason. This is why it is perfect for this cocktail.


Planning to have a heart-to-heart talk with someone? Perhaps two or more bottle of this refreshing and a bit sour cocktail could do some magic. One perfect bottle of this cool, clean cut, enticing soju cocktail will definitely smoothen your conversation.


Ready for one crunching, fresh chopped cucumber?

Just say the magic word: Cucumber Soju!


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