The HAUS that is a Home

There is truth in wine.

Perhaps for a wine, alcohol, beverage lover like you, this phrase sounds familiar. Well, there is a new, neutral, sweeter way of interpreting that phrase: A booze can turn a house into a home.


What does it take to do it? Three words: Soju. Cocktail. Haus. And a lot of truths!

TRUTH #1: Soju is THE HAUS!

Those with stellar eyesight know the big difference between Soju Haus from other venues in NYC. It’s like differentiating a house surprising home. No surprise Soju Haus’ customers rated it as one of the best Korean bar in New York, and Best Korean Bar & Restaurant in New York, NY. That’s the truth about it. Number does not lie.


You are welcome in Soju Haus located at 315 5th Ave, FL 2, New York, NY 10016. Feel free to call it at (212) 213-2177, and find good food, good company, and have a taste of the most popular drink in the world—Soju!

TRUTH #2: Soju is Number One!

It’s about time for you to know that there is a reason why soju is the number one best selling liquor.


That’s the power of soju. Its spirit conquers millions of people around the globe. Where is Soju housed then? Well, it’s time for you to visit this modern, sophisticated bistro in New York City. Now you know that a haus is a home, and its contact can be found here:

The question—why you should be drinking Korean Soju—is just one of the main points. It is where you should drink it–Soju Haus, can be another way of looking at it. Now is the best time to start shooting soju with the world.


Cheers to the best-selling spirit!

TRUTH #3: Soju and MORE Soju.

To transform a house into a home, then you need to call you friends, family, best friends and buddies.


In Soju Haus, where every Korean distilled spirit thrives, you and your friends can experience Premium Soju: Daejangbu, Hwayo, Yobo Soju, Tokki Soju. Rich and fragrant makes Daejangbu different from others. It’s what makes it premium. You don’t have to be a royalty anymore to drink soju. But if you want to feel like one, then a premium quality Hwayo is the one fitted for you. Unlike vodka, Hwayo is much cheaper for you.


Ask your mixologist, and be ready to embrace the K-Wave!


Want an award-winning, clean, and refreshing soju? Then, Yobo Soju is the one for you. Only Tokki Soju will give you the taste and experience of the bond that exists between America and Korea. While drinking your Tokki Soju, don’t forget to look up and remember this: You are not alone. Soju Haus is with you.

Smooth. Elegant. Premium. Highest quality.

No wonder Soju is the top-selling liquor in the world.

Truth #4: Anju!

What food should you shoot soju with? Want to try Korean BBQ, baby back ribs, spicy pork feet, deep fried chicken gizzard or fried chicken?


See other food menu here


Food plus this “Korean vodka” can certainly make an ordinary house into a home! Pride yourselves because when it comes to moment like this, Soju Haus can make you feel that your stay with it is different from others. That’s a high-quality service of making you feel at home in a haus.


Soju time? For a complete drink menu, click this Come and drink where Korean distilled spirits thrive.


And let’s keep the tradition alive.

TRUTH #5: Soju Haus’ cocktails has its own secret!

Imagine this scenario: friendly atmosphere, positive vibe, and the unique tastes of hongcho, lemon, cucumber, and coconut soju.


Do you want to know some secrets about Hongcho Soju? When you drink it, your body absorbs its various health benefits. That’s how its dietary fiber helps. You drink to digest. It also contains organic acid, helps maintain your digestive health, and it has varieties of anti-oxidant fruits. That’s 100% way of keeping your intestine get away from harmful intestinal bacteria.

Cheers to that!


You may also want to try and get the best of lemon soju. Perhaps it has its own recipe to make it worth every drop to refresh your spirit.


Hangover? Cucumber Soju is the answer! That’s how refreshing it is! Don’t forget to order Coconut Soju and experience the heart of Seoul in NYC.


The real question now is: When does a home become a HAUS?

Three words: Soju. Cocktail. Haus.

Catch the K-Wave. Gunbae!

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