When Life Gives You Lemon

Make a Lemon Soju then.

That’s because it is the quintessential of how a cocktail should be.

Every glass of this Lemon Soju makes you feel like befriending life. That’s more than what twisting off can do for you.


That sparkling glass is not just squeezed with lemon per se; it is filled with tons of Vitamin C.

Enjoy its bubbling look, thanks to the tonic water added, and expect it to be mint-kissed.

Every glass is not only exciting to look, but refreshing as well. No other ingredient can do that except fresh coconut water.

All these mixed ingredients won’t be enough to make a perfect cocktail, so what’s missing?

Jinro Soju is the spirit that completes and makes Lemon Soju appealing to every millennial, Gen X, or Gen Z!

Lemon Soju is there to celebrate with you. So let it be your cocktail for this month.

And to top it all, this perfect cocktail is best served where only the Korean distilled spirits thrive—Soju Haus!

Whatever background you came from, chances are you will always conform and imbibe with anybody in this place. That’s the temperature this house keeps so every customer’s spirit will always be excited.

Invite good company and brace yourselves at Soju Haus located at 315 5th Ave, FL 2, New York, NY 10016.

Let every Lemon Soju be the proof that drinking is indeed a social form of art. One tip: Never let your glass be empty!

Now you know what to do, what to expect, and where to go whenever life gives you lemon.

Do you?

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